Monday 12 March 2012

DailyWorkLog - a new ipad app!

Hi guys,

I've spent a few hours (days) putting together an application to manage my tasks daily on my ipad. Far from being a simple todo list manager, this app is calendar based and day centric. It's something between a calendar and a todo list manager. Though, it's neither of these! Please check it out on the app store, it's free for now: DailyWorkLog

I'll provide the direct link as soon as Apple have accepted it.

If you find a bug, please email me at the following address: twingocerise (at) or add comment on this post.


  1. Hello - does your app synch with iPad Reminders? How about synch with Outlook Tasks?

  2. Hi, is possibile to manage hour with decimal? For ex amore...10,75 hour for task?
    Another request... Is possibile to syncronize whist google calendar?

    Best app... Congratulati on..

  3. Sounds like good ideas! :) thanks for the feedback. I'll let you know about the scope of v1.1 asap! Cheers.

  4. Hi Vivian. I installed the update today on the new iPad. Unfortunately, it locks up every time once the side bar calendar is opened. Great app but I can't use it until this is fixed. Thanks.


  5. Was testing it for a few days. Was beging to like it. But you latest update broke evryting. Freeze at startup only one day on the left side.

  6. I'm having the same issues

    Please fix,

    AWSOME APP (before the update)

  7. Seems to be working now. Nice work. I'll let you know if I find anything else. Thanks!

  8. Awesome app!

    It would be cool if I could start a new task (opening the task edit dialog) simply by tapping an empty line.

    I would also like to have a view of all I completed tasks organized by date in a single table with tap links to the items.

    Maybe these things could be part of a pro version. I would pay for that to be certain!

    Best task organizer I have ever used!

  9. Try the double tap, it now works!

  10. Love the program!

    I think a needed improvement would be to add moe options on "time spent on this today" for each task. Perhaps adding 0.25 and 0.5 hours to the list of choices would be great.

  11. Hi, have downloaded the app, but it has frozen, I can't select anything. Help please, it looks like an awesome app. Thanks.

  12. Just downloaded the app, and it looks wonderful.

    Only request I have is the ability to track time to the nearest 15 minutes or .25 hour

    I'm required to track my time to the quarter hour for projects.

  13. I'm sorry I let you down guys but I had a baby lately. So I'm busy cuddling my boy and looking after my wife. I'll surely update it soon though. Stay tuned !

  14. Oh, congrats ! I am abt to download the app and was going thru the comments. Cheers , Sriraj

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