Wednesday 9 November 2011

ShareProj - a mobile project!

Big news! I'm starting an open-source project! It's a social-network aiming at sharing information on projects. The user will be able to connect via various channels such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, phone browsers and desktop browsers.
The potential users are people working on projects from different locations / companies. As usually it's quite complicated to give feedback to clients / ask for feedback to a supplier, this could make a few people's life easier.
Bear in mind that the project's first goal is to get me learning things and sharing this with others developers. If it happens that people are interested in the features and want to use it, I'll try to put a roadmap together. For time being it will be highly dependant on my free time and imagination. Feel free to join the fun! :)  

Technologies are the following:

  • Spring / RESTful webservices
  • Objective-C with UIKit on iOS
  • Java on Android
  • HTML5 / CSS3 in browsers - possibly jQuery touch to ease development

Speak soon.

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