Thursday 27 October 2011

Why ?

Hi All,

Yet another Tech Blog, indeed. This one has 1 simple goal: talking about mobile development.
So, I'll be talking about all my findings on:
  • HTML5/CSS3 apps on various handsets,
  • Objective-C on iphone and ipad,
  • Cocos2D and game development,
  • Java on Android,
  • Book reviews
and of course anything and everything that will come to my mind.
If this blog helped you, I'd be glad. Feel free to comment and to give me some feedback.

A bit more about me: I'm Technical Lead for Mfuse in London. Mfuse is running the mobile service on behalf of the largest gambling operators in the UK. I'm 31 and I've been working with Java technologies for 10 years now. And, well, nobody's perfect, I'm French.
Speak soon guys.

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